Defense Against Harassment Charges

Bettis Law Group LLP offers counsel and makes a clear case for employers against the allegations of harassment. It could either be racial harassment, sexual and/or religious harassment. Our team of lawyers defends against claims of harassment is always there to assist you in defending the claims of the harassment and preventing you from the expensive charges and fines of harassment litigation.

Counseling the Accused Employers of Harassment

There are a few harassment laws that keep on updating, such as sexual harassment. Therefore, our harassment lawyers are always informing our clients of the latest changes and development in the law, which is highly beneficial for the protection of the employer in legal proceedings.

Our well-versed defense harassment lawyer would make a solid defense for the employer, persuading the up-to-date company’s policies regarding harassment in the workplace. Moreover, our lawyer would prove that the company took all the necessary actions to prevent such circumstances.

We also establish the fact to the state Human Rights Commission, EEOC, or the Judge, the possibility of the employee to take advantage of abusing the company’s policies and regulations.

Preventative Counseling for Our Clients

Besides providing our services to protect the employer and the company’s good name, our attorneys always offer complete guidance.

If you or your company is facing a harassment claim, then contact us at 803-799-9311 right away. We’ll seek to get the best representation and ensure that your company’s good name remains intact.

Defense Against Discrimination Charges

A lawsuit of discrimination or harassment certainly comes as a surprise to the upper-level management of almost every business enterprise. When a lawsuit is charged and authenticated with EEOC or commission on Human Rights, the company’s reputation is at stake. In these crucial moments for the company, hiring a credible and highly proficient discrimination lawyer in Columbia SC is imperative.

However, Bettis Law Group LLP has a team of well-experienced defense lawyers that provides their knowledge in guiding and counseling employers. Especially those who have never been the target of any discrimination or harassment accusations before. Our discrimination lawyers are highly competent with the discrimination laws to tackle all these situations, defend you and your company against all the allegations, and uphold your company’s good name.

Several companies make a big mistake by responding to discrimination charges with no legal counsel. It is not the appropriate way to address this dire situation as the initial response to the case could utterly damage the whole case for the defendant.

Therefore, it’s highly advised that you contact our law firm immediately, which would win the case in your favor or cause minimal damages to your company.

Defending Claims through Discrimination Laws

When prevention is not possible, and litigation ensues, our accomplished litigators are ready to represent you in any state or federal court in South Carolina. Over the years, we have handled hundreds of these cases, and we have developed investigative and courtroom strategies to uncover and expose any weaknesses in the claims against our clients. Plus, our Columbia discrimination lawyer knows the expense of litigation is a concern to any business or organization. That is why we never lose sight of cost-containment.

State-Wide Defense of Harassment & Discrimination Claims

  • Racial Discrimination or Harassment
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Retaliation Claims
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Religious Discrimination or Harassment
  • Disability (ADA) Discrimination or Harassment
  • Pregnancy Discrimination or Harassment
  • Age Discrimination or Harassment
  • National Origin Discrimination or Harassment
  • Reverse Discrimination Claims
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